Botanical Information Matricaria chamomilla L.

Synonyms Chamaemelum suaveolens E.H.L.Krause
Chamaemelum vulgare Bubani
Chamomilla chamomilla (L.) Rydb.
Chamomilla courrantiana (DC.) K.Koch
Chamomilla officinalis K.Koch
Common name (en) Chamomile
Common name (de) Echte Kamille
Common name (es) Manzanilla de Castilla
Common name (fr) Camomille sauvage
Common name (id) Chamomile
Common name (ja) カモミール
Common name (ko) 저먼캐모마일
Common name (nl) Echte kamille
Common name (pt) Camomila-vulgar
Common name (ru) Ромашка аптечная
Common name (vi) Cúc La Mã
Common name (zh) 德國洋甘菊

Sample preparation Mix 1.0 g of powdered sample with 10 mL of methanol and sonicate for 10 min, then centrifuge the solution and use the supernatants as test solutions.
Mobile phase Toluene, ethyl acetate 95:5 (v/v)
Derivatization Derivatize with Anisaldehyde sulfuric acid reagent, then heat the plate at 100°C for 3 min