Botanical Information Amomum aromaticum Roxb. (under development)

Synonyms Alpinia fasciculate (Roscoe) Steud.
Amomum fasciculatum (Roscoe) Benth. & Hook. F. ex B.D.Jacks.
Cardamomum aromaticum (Roxb.) Kuntze
Geocallis fasciculate (Roscoe) Horan.
Renealmia fasciculate Roscoe

Sample preparation Macerate 20 g of the powdered drug with n-hexane (100 mL x 3) overnight each time . Filter and remove the solvent from the combined extract under reduced pressure to get the residue (0.783 g). Dissolve 20 mg of the residue in 10 ml of n-hexane
Mobile phase Toluene, ethyl acetate 93:7 (v/v)
Derivatization Spray with anisaldehyde reagent, and heat the plate at 105°C for 5 to 10 min