Botanical Information Amomum villosum Lour. (under development)

Synonyms Cardamomum villosum (Lour.) Kuntze
Elettaria villosa (Lour.) Miq.
Zingiber villosum (Lour.) Stokes
Common name (fr) Cardamome médicinale
Common name (th) เร่ว
Common name (vi) Sa nhân đỏ
Common name (zh) 砂仁

Sample preparation Weigh accurately 1 g of the powder to a stoppered conical flask, add accurately 25 mL of anhydrous ethanol, weigh, ultrasonicate for 30 min, cool, weigh again and replenish the lost weight with anhydrous ethanol, mix well and filter. Use the successive filtrate as the test solution
Mobile phase Cyclohexane, ethyl acetate 22:1 (v/v)
Derivatization Spray with a 5% solution of vanillin in sulfuric acid and heat the plate until the spots appear